Practical Booty Shaping Exercises

There are many ways of getting the awesome booty which you are dreaming of. However, this process is not easy as many people think. It is a process which requires a lot of dedication. The following are the most practical booty shaping exercises which will help you in reaching your goals.


These are among the most popular exercises which help in toning up of muscles. Your back should be kept straight whenever you are squatting. This is done to pressure off the lower back. This pressure will be put on the buttocks where it is needed. Another important thing that needs to be done when squatting is distributing your weight evenly. This is done by keeping the feet flat when squatting. Using controlled movements can also help in relieving the extra pressure from the knees.

Stair climbing

This is done by climbing the stairs instead of using an elevator. Alternatively, someone can make use of the star climber available at home or in the gym. Stair climbing is an excellent workout for your legs and buttocks muscles.


A bench or a step is needed when carrying out this exercise. When doing this, one of the feet is placed on the stair and the other one on the ground. This is followed by pushing off your foot which is in contact with the ground until it gets at the same level or height with that one which is on the stair.


This is a special exercise which is meant for shaping and toning your butt. It is imperative to note that lunges will not add weight to your butt in the initial stages. Instead, it will take some time before your body can get used to this form of exercise. This is an exercise which can put extras stress on the knees if it is not done properly. There are some good videos on youtube which can guide in correctly doing a lunge.


Hindu squats

This is another style of squat. This involves squatting up and down very fast while touching the fingertips during each repetition. This will help you in shaping your buttocks and burning fat concurrently.


Deadlift is one of the most useful exercises. A barbell is needed when doing this exercise. This barbell should be picked up from the ground while the knees are bent slightly. Your back should also be kept straight while doing this exercise.

Isometric butt squeeze

This is one of the simplest exercises. In fact, it can be done when watching T.V. This will involve squeezing the butt cheeks together while facing down on your floor. Alternatively, this can be done when standing or sitting on your chair.