Qualities of a good personal fitness trainer

The level of fitness that one might achieve depends on the quality of time and effort exerted on the training. But how often and extent of workouts needed to achieve the targeted goals? By doing such activity alone is an insufficient way to reach maximum fitness. It is the reason that brings the idea of hiring a personal trainer to help and guide you through the perfect fitness program. But before one become a personal trainer, an intensive course is required. Personal Training Courses offer different services and programs to be an effective and knowledgeable personal fitness trainer. The background training course is needed for the client’s total fitness goal achievements. Here are some good qualities of a personal trainer that may help you in hiring one.

Has sense of accountability

A good trainer shares accountability in reaching the targeted fitness goal of a client or the trainee. A responsible trainer must see to it that the trainee follows and perform the task intended for the session within the period required and renders maximum performance during the training. In doing this, trainer serves a vital role in motivating and encouraging the trainee towards that goal.

Knows how to organize plan

When it comes to fitness, a trainer has set of well-planned activities and schedules that will guide a trainee on every day’s endeavor of practicing and work outing. It should be organized and chronologically scheduled.


Good facilitators of learning

A good trainer provides more activities for a learner to enhance skills and connects the lessons previously learned. In this way, the trainer has to be creative enough to give the instructional design that will be useful and relevant to the learners. Most importantly, as a facilitator of learning, the trainer must have the drive to embrace changes and new ideas that could be helpful to the fitness program of the individual.

Set standards for achievement

Being a good implementor, the trainer must have the work-driven quality that shows dedication to performing duty as a trainer beyond to what is set target and output. The trainer must set a standard to what is referred as an achievement.


Assess and evaluate learning

The only way to evaluate effective teaching is assessing learning. A good trainer is open to evaluate the performance of the trainee whether the instructional design is effective in transferring learning to the trainee or not. In this sense, the trainer must be open to change the instructional design when the results show insufficiency. It is in the evaluation that we can track the effectiveness of the fitness program and enhance the area that needs improvement.

Monitors progress

Lastly, whatever the achievements of the trainee, it should not stop where it ends. The good trainer monitors and keeping touch the trainee after the weeks of a fitness program. This would encourage the trainee to continue and be consistent with the routines scheduled during the training.