Relieving The Allergy Symptoms In Kids

Many people including young children are faced with different types of allergies. Before you start any form of treatment for allergy, it is important to consult a pediatrician to determine whether an allergy is causing the child’s ailment. Even though there is no effective treatment option for allergies, there are some methods which can be implemented to make your child feel better. The following are some of the important tips which can help you in curbing spring allergy symptoms.

Salt water treatment

This is used in relieving nasal congestion which is one of the symptoms associated with allergy. This will involve irrigating your nasal passages with salt water. This water can be obtained from a medicine shop. Alternatively, you can create some salt solution using the common table salt.

Keeping your child indoors

You can keep your kids indoors to avoid any contact with allergens. This is mainly dome when there is a high amount of pollen in the air. The pollen count is usually high early in the morning or mid-morning when it is windy.

Drinking plenty of water

Your child can feel parched after blowing the nose and sneezing continuously. It is imperative to keep a jar of warm water to make sure that your kid is properly hydrated.

Keeping your room cool

Your room should be kept cool by turning on the air conditioners in your car and home. This is done to keep pollen away.


Using a humidifier

Moisturised air can help your kid to breathe more easily. A humidifier should be installed in those areas which have a dry climate.

Using a cold compress

This method is suitable for those kids who are experiencing itchy eye symptoms. A cold press is applied on the face and eyes. This is considered to be one of the effective ways of eliminating itchiness and soreness.

Steam therapy

The little children should be given some time in the tub if the water available is steaming hot. Steam produced in a hot tub is helpful in alleviating the symptoms associated with allergy. Any water which is scalding hot should be avoided.


Gargling for a sore throat

This is apples in kids suffering from a sore throat. Gargling is done using saline water. This is helpful in easing pain associated with a sore throat.

Drinking hot liquids

Hot fluids are helpful in checking the symptoms associated with allergies. Lemon and honey are one of the refreshing drinks which can help you in relieving cold throat and congestion.



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